Adding Health & Happiness to Hospitality Experiences

Our expertise

Bubblez facilitates development of well-being products, services and concepts for the hospitality industry. 

Adding health & happiness to your hospitality menu results in more engagement of your guests and sustainable employment of your employees. A win-win-win situation for guests, employees and company. 

Well-being has the future. 

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Why Bubblez...

With roots in the hospitality and vitality business we combine best of both worlds in terms of knowledge, experience and network. We develop in co-creation with experts and colleagues. 

Bubblez... your one-stop-shop for well-being development in hospitality business.

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What is well-being? What is vitality?

Well-being is the balance between social, physical and emotional resources and challenges. Vitality is about being mentally and physically powerful. To increase vitality and to get to a state of well-being you can work on:

  1. Quality and duration of sleep
  2. Balance between stress and relaxation 
  3. Nutritional value of what you eat and drink
  4. Quality, duration and level of physical exercise
  5. Social network
Supporting health and happiness of your employees adds to their level of well-being and to the results of your company. As mentioned in this manifest (in Dutch) for sustainable employment: "happy cows give better milk"

Our expertise

Relax & Sleep

A lot of people have difficulties balancing work and life and suffer from stress. 

Mindfulness is a practical way to help to experience the power of the moment and to relax more and better. It reduces stress and improves the quality of sleep

Relaxation and the quality and hours of sleep are important bricks of the base of well-being. 

With wellness centers and hotelrooms hospitality companies offer a great opportunity to help guests to relax and sleep more and better. 

"How to succeed? Get more sleep."

           Adriana Huffington

Food & Beverage

For some it is difficult to separate what is healthy and what is not. And for people who do know it isn't always easy to find on the menu what they prefer to eat. 

Therefor we are happy to notice that more vegetables and variation on menus is being promoted. 

After all nutrition is one of the key elements of vitality. Food service companies be part of this healthy food revolution!


With a gym, pool, tennis court, golf course or a location surrounded by nature a lot of hospitality companies offer ample opportunities to exercise. 

Supporting guests in improving their play by helping them to improve the way they move is a way hospitality companies can make a difference. 

Sustainable Employment

Sustainable employment is about the People P of People, Planet, Profit.  

  1. the culture of the company
  2. employee training

"Your employees are your best asset. Happy employees make for happy customers." 

                                         Richard Branson